So, I got my AM bundle in the post today… the Quarterly, a small brochure of Christmas gift ideas and the November AM News (No. 853).

Thinking, ‘brilliant!’, with the launch of NTTD-Bond25, and all the recent events, it would be great to read all about what’s been going on after 18 months of lockdown and near nothing on the social scene in that time.

But, what do I find?

The left-hand side of pages 14-32 – yes, all the way to the central spine staples!!! – full of more bo!!ocks and BS about “he said, she said” and various ‘members’ (!?) – more like pompous idiots who are just incapable of conciliation and can’t let BS go – harping on about findings of meetings, reports and yet more analysis about the bl**dy court cases, and other such nonsense.

Nearly half of OUR news magazine, yes OUR (including me) magazine full of more self-aggrandising, egotistical horse s**t by some people in this club determined to wreck it, when it’s already dying on the ground, critically wounded begging for this utter cr@p to stop.

Chief Whiner-in-General, Anne Reed, who still can’t get it that she lost in a democratic election of a ****ing car club (who forever after will be known by me as the Greater-Primped Warbling Nag) has to rake through more ashes to b!tch off against individuals who she clearly doesn’t like, to the detriment of the club. For God’s sake woman, will you just STFU and strive to rebuild a club that you gave personally helped to smash apart. If you can’t, then please **** *** (go away), and take your over-inflated ego with you.

I am sick to death of reading your petty, churlish playground diatribe.

And to anyone else who wants to keep dragging this club through the sewer, please join her.

I have had enough of reading about this stupid, infantile behaviour. I’m a grass roots member who just owns an AM, enjoys it, and hopes to raise a few quid for a few charities along the way.

Last month, Area 13 (my manor), had a small soirée at the Aston Martin Service Centre in Dorset to raise a few quid for a kid who is seriously ill. It was a bl**dy good day, all with the help of Antony Forshaw (who donated staff time, and food, etc.), met up with lots of great people and other owners.

Just raffling off a few things off, and members donating for the excellent refreshments, the morning raised over £5,000 and raised the profile of Aston Martin ownership, no end, in this neck of the woods.

What did Anne and the usual detractors do that day? I’ll wager they sat there and stewed while thinking how best to write their latest vitriolic poison pen letter for members to read. Well done Anne, I hope you feel proud of yourself.

Kids being ill are the real issues in life Anne, not whether you can’t deal with democracy or you don’t like someone. And if you can’t accept that people just might have a different view or approach to your own dogma, then I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain it to you.

I don’t care who’s done what, who’s said what, and who thinks what. Either we move on as a club, or forget it.

Enough is enough! And the detractors in all this, regardless of ‘sides’ (really? – what are you? two years old?) need to get a grip on yourselves. Do you even realise just how immature and pathetic you look?

This is a car club. A simple ****ing car club for people like me who shell out well over a hundred of Her Majesty’s finest per year to enjoy my hobby and my cars.

Anyone continuing to perpetuate this pathetic ‘war’ on common sense needs to give their head a good hard wobble, or kindly leave the club… preferably now please. And take your nastiness, your vitriol, your ego and your self-inflated sense of superiority with you. You are not welcome here by the grassroots membership.